Thursday, February 6, 2014

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late by Bill Myers

I recently read a post on a discussion forum written by a man who had spent years planning to take time off from work to tour the U.S. with his family in a motorhome.

But even with all his planning, his job somehow always got in the way, and he never was able to schedule the time to take the trip.

Recently, he became incapacitated, and will never be able to travel.

He wrote that one of the biggest regrets in his life was he waited way too long to follow his dream.  

He spent too much time working, and not enough time living.

His advice to his own son and to others who read his post was this . . .

"Pursue your adventures now.  Don't wait until the timing is perfect - because it never will be."

I agree with his advice.

Life is short, and in the end your biggest regrets will be the things you didn't do.

Look at your own life.  What things will you regret not having done or at least not having tried?

Maybe now is the time to make a list and start following through on those dreams and plans.

If not now, when?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013!

Greetings, here are some of the blessings and lessons the Lord had for us in 2013:

* Barak reached the half-century mark - a celebration of life and bucket lists with family and friends.

* Victoria survived her first full year of post-professional graduate work - encouragement from family and friends.

* We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary - steady and faithful love.

* Darren (22) is gainfully employed and on his own, awaiting a call from the US Marine Corps to enter Officer Candidate School - patience and more patience.

* Kayla (20) is in her senior year at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, working hard to finish her double major in International Studies and in Latin American Studies - perseverance.

We look forward to 2014 knowing that whatever it will bring will come from the nail-pierced hands of Immanuel, God with us.