Saturday, December 29, 2012

Do You Understand the Law of Compensation?

"Learn this mighty law which can produce either success or failure, wealth or poverty, happiness or heartbreak, and once you fully understand it you will be able to control your destiny."

woody1778a / Foter / CC BY-SA
In his essay "Compensation" Emerson suggests to us that an inevitable dualism bisects nature, so that each thing is a half, and suggests another thing to make it whole; such as:

darkness and light

man and woman

in and out

heat and cold

motion and rest

Each part of the world has its dualities that by certain compensation balances every gift and defect – a surplus in one area results in a reduction in another area.

How do you know or understand happiness? I would submit that it is by experiencing unhappiness.

How can you read the words on this page? By discerning the dark type from the light background.

As Emerson states, “Cause and effect, means and ends, seed and fruit, cannot be severed; for the effect already blooms in the cause, the end preexists in the means, the fruit in the seed.”

How can we have rewards if we don't take responsibility?

If you have taken some action toward an objective you have already begun to benefit. The reward of your action is being stored for you when you properly plant your action seeds in the right soil to achieve the true result, or continue nurturing with that magic ingredient, time.

The Law of Compensation is another way of stating the Biblical principle of sowing and reaping found in Galatians 6:7. It states that you will be compensated for your efforts, however much or however little.


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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Personal Recap of 2012

The year 2012 started with both kids (Darren and Kayla) in Paraguay, South America. They left the United States in early December 2011 with Darren planning a 3-month stay, and Kayla staying 6 months. According to plan, Darren returned home the end of February.

In late February, Victoria and I had the privilege of being interviewed for the documentary "I’m Fine, Thanks" in Wilmington OH. We attended the film premiere at the Murphy Theater in Wilmington in August. I have a limited number of copies of the DVD available. If you would like a free copy sent to you, just go HERE and fill in your info. I’ll leave the link live until I run out of copies.

The spring (late April) saw me transitioning back from a 2-year career broadening assignment in supply chain management to aircraft systems acquisition. I was assigned to the C-5M program office and have been getting acclimated there this year. With the reduction in travel funds this year, I only traveled 4 times; twice to Georgia, once to Delaware and once to Illinois.

Armchair Aviator / Foter / CC BY

Victoria traveled to Paraguay in May for a month long stay. She and Kayla returned home the last day of the month just in time for Kayla to turn 19 in June.

In early June Darren graduated from Wright State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. He went on to work for Wright-Patt Credit Union headquartered in Fairborn OH.

In August, our neurotic cat, Samoa, almost had a nervous breakdown when a bunch of roofers noisily installed a new roof on our house in eight hours. So much for the aromatherapy the vet had suggested to soothe fragile feline nerves! Also in August, Victoria and I celebrated our 24th year of marriage, and Darren turned 21.

The fall (September) saw Kayla move to Oxford, OH, where she began her studies at Miami University. She’s currently a junior majoring in International Studies with a minor in Political Science. Victoria also started on her Doctorate in Physical Therapy via correspondence with the University of Montana. Both ladies should complete their studies by the end of 2014. Darren was also able to move out in September. He now lives with 2 roommates in a rental house in Kettering OH.

Victoria and I (the new empty nesters) participated in The Luke Commission 5K here in Xenia on a rainy Saturday morning in October.

The day after Thanksgiving (Nov 23), I celebrated 30 years of government service and started thinking even more seriously about retirement and what comes after that.

Looking ahead to 2013…Victoria will continue her pursuit of her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Darren will continue his adventure of finding work he loves. Kayla will complete her junior year at Miami University. I will celebrate a BIG birthday and get more serious about planning my retirement from civil service.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very fulfilling New Year.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Are You Ready For Some Good Luck?

"If you're waiting on good fortune to smile on you, that first social security check might arrive at your door first."

Our lives are governed by the realities of "cause and effect" and "as we sow, we reap". Therefore, we cannot accept the concept of luck being the reason for someone’s success.

JD Hancock / Foter / CC BY

The equation for creating our own "good luck" is:

P + O = GL which stands for Preparation + Opportunity = Good Luck.

Notice it takes both preparation and opportunity to equal the "good luck" we are seeking.

Make a decision now that you won't leave your success up to hope, chance or luck. Understand that over the long run, the skilled person will beat out the unskilled person.

From now on, when you hear someone attribute luck to the success of another individual, you can reflect on how that person has matched their preparations with their opportunities to create their own “good luck” success story.

You can create a lot of "good luck" by simply preparing yourself and being aware of opportunities and then taking action on them.

Good Luck!


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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Is Being Competitive Really Good For You?

"If you have always believed that being a highly competitive person is a habit necessary for success, you are in for quite a surprise."

I must admit right up front that this lesson on being competitive versus being unique has been difficult for me to comprehend and implement in my own life. See what you think...

Being competitive places your life in the hands of others while personal initiative gives you the freedom to choose your own destiny. Being part of a herd, trying to keep up with the Joneses, being involved in one-upmanship are all ways we erode our personal initiative and allow others to set the goals and the pace for us.

Competition can be so insidious because over time it reduces personal initiative and personal responsibility.

Personal initiative is so important because it allows you to study, understand and solve problems.

Personal responsibility provides you the freedom to choose and create your own destiny, it gives you the opportunity to create your own life results.

The traits of personal initiative and responsibility accomplish what competition can never do, the ability to be unique.

Goldmund100 / Foter / CC BY-SA

Yes, you are unique...don't you dare compare yourself to others. Compete only against yourself, strive to do better than you have previously done.

Being unique really is your best competitive advantage. Do you agree or disagree?


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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Are You Living with Stress or Tension?

"Your body is an amazing creation, capable of performing great wonders, but you can destroy that miraculous machine's potential with an overdose of stress."

Alan Cleaver / Foter / CC BY

Stress is defined as the wear and tear of mind, body and spirit caused by changes in our inner and outer environment, whether it be our thoughts, emotions, or outside physical activities.

Tension is defined as the energy that creates the possibility of moving toward desired results. Life without tension is like a bowl of soup without any salt. The right amount of tension is needed. Excessive tension will commonly manifest itself as fatigue, or a constant sense of exhaustion.

Let's choose to reduce our excessive tension, or stress, and increase our potential and achievement. Here are some tips:

Plan your days and your life – it is so much easier to remain calm and focused if you know what you want to accomplish each day and where you are going with your life.

Exercise at least 30 minutes each day - the best cure for tension fatigue is exercise and the best form of exercise is simply walking.

Get enough sleep - make sure you know what your ideal amount of sleep time is and then make it a priority.

Be aware of what you are putting into your body - eat nutritious foods and take your time when eating.

Eliminate procrastination so things don't pile up - use the previously discussed "do it now" technique for this.

Just like in everything, you have a choice to make: use tension to your advantage or let stress exhaust you. Which will you choose?


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Saturday, November 24, 2012

What Do People See When They Look At You?

"The image you project, in many circumstances, is far more valuable than your skills or your record of past accomplishments."

Whether you like it or not, appearances do count. No, it's not "fair" but it is reality.

Why do people prejudge, stereotype, profile, and "judge a book by its cover"? At the core, it's a basic survival instinct. Internally we're asking the question "are you like me or different from me?"

If you are trying to be accepted by other individuals or groups of people, you need to make sure your appearance is acceptable to them so they will be more comfortable with you.

Some people will see you as a positive, others will see you as a negative, others will ignore you altogether – and each person will quickly decide their “first impression” of you and categorize you.

Always be aware that “people do judge a book by its cover” but understand that you can present yourself more comfortably to others through your choice of clothes, actions, and overall appearance.

"The world is governed more by appearances than by realities." ~ Daniel Webster

So remember, if you want to be accepted as a (you fill in the blank), then dress and act like a (what you filled in the previous blank with).


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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Do You Have This Special Character Trait?

"If your energy is as boundless as your ambition, total commitment may be a way of life you should seriously consider."

Do you have the state, or instance, of being obligated or emotionally impelled?

That's the dictionary definition of commitment.

eschipul / Foter / CC BY-SA

Total commitment is:
- the level of commitment that includes enjoyment of working toward your goals
- the sacrifice of other activities that are distractions from your goals
- the ability to focus, concentrate, and think with clarity to enter into the state of flow

Total commitment is not a lifestyle recommended for everyone.

Are you willing to go "all in" and work hard to experience success?

If not, you can stop reading now.

You have probably experienced some “magic moments” when you are doing something you really love to do, where you have set aside distractions and are able to focus and concentrate for long enough to really get into the flow of things. You lose your sense of time, there seems to be no past or future, only the present; and you have the sense that you have become one with the activity in which you are engaged in the moment.

One of the steps to getting in the "flow" is to work quickly and with passion, do not slow down, keep up the feverish pace of thought and action, lose yourself in the moment, and allow yourself the freedom to truly be in the present. Be aware that no one can, or should, remain in a constant state of flow.

Do more than you are expected to do, you will be noticed as someone who is different from others, someone who has risen above the negative and lazy attitudes of others, and for doing so, you will be presented with many opportunities for promotion and advancement.

Total commitment is one of the few ways to experience a life that results in the attainment of important personal goals. Do you have total commitment?


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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Do You Tend to Act Like a Sheep or a Tiger?

"Here are some keys that will free you from the cage of a dull, passive, and complying existence so that the tiger within you can begin to assert itself."

Hussain_Quantum / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA
You have only one life to live on this Earth. As you live your life be kind to yourself so that you can be kind to others.

Your success, security and freedom is not found in being part of the herd. Your success, security and freedom is found in your personal strength, the choices you make, the actions you take, and the things you accomplish for the good of yourself and others.

Here are some steps to improve your creative self-management:

1. Don't ask for permission, just do what needs to be done. By taking action on choices that are right and good you will notice that you affect other people’s lives in a positive way.

2. Don't report to others, check things out with yourself instead. You lose your most precious power of choice when you completely rely on others, so be sure to exercise your power of choice and take action to celebrate your success, security, and freedom.

3. Don't be afraid to say "yes" or "no." Answer and act on what you think and feel. Take time to understand the motivations of yourself and others before making your choices and taking action.

4. Do your own research and stop relying on others to make decisions for you. Self-belief is increased every time we ask ourselves, rather than others, what we should do.

Creative self-management - right up there in importance with money management and time management!


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Saturday, November 3, 2012

How to Get People to Perform

"Once you learn this valuable principle of success, and use it, the results will amaze you."

Can you really get anybody to do anything?

To the degree you give people what they want, they will give you what you want.

Do you know what you want? Do you know what you are willing to give to get it?

A wise man once said “You have to put wood in the fireplace before you get any heat.”

Do you know what other people want? Are you willing to help them get it?

Yes, people buy what they want before they will buy what they need.

So let's change the wording the degree you give people what they need, they will give you what you need.

Then the question becomes, what do people really need?

The strongest emotional need, and yes it is a human need, is to be loved by others and to love others.

Other needs include recognition and acceptance. Care for others, recognize them, and accept them.

What do people need? Look within yourself to see what you need. Therein lies the answer to what others need.

If you put more in, you'll get more out.


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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Avoiding Criticism and Blame

"Criticism of others is futile and if you indulge in it often you should be warned that it can be fatal to your career."

Without friendship and assistance, the successes you enjoy will be few, if any. Don't harm your existing friendships with criticism and blame. Criticism and blame are dangerous since they wound a person's pride and raises their resentment.

It seems that criticizing and blaming anyone and everyone except yourself is a trait of human nature. We can do better. As Benjamin Franklin said, "I will speak ill of no man, and speak all the good I know of everybody." If you feel like someone really needs to change, the person you should first decide to change and improve is yourself.

When you need to work out an issue with another person, and you will, you must make sure to focus on what is correct and right, rather than just being right. It rarely helps to argue another person's position against yours because it puts the other person on the defensive and hurts their pride, so much so that they will dig in their heels even harder to justify their emotional connection to their position.

It is so much better to lead by example rather than criticizing and/or blaming other people. A great book to read on this subject is How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

In summary, don't criticize or blame others, look at your own life first, lead by example, and value the perspectives of others.


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