Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Day Two - St Louis MO to Wichita KS

Victoria and I left St Louis early Tuesday morning and made it to Kansas City before lunchtime. I specifically wanted to visit the place of my birth, Trinity Lutheran Hospital. Much to my surprise, the hospital building has been converted into condos! Maybe I should buy one and end up where I started, heh?

From Kansas City, we made our way to windy Hillsboro KS where Victoria was able to see what one of her alma mater, Tabor College, looked like 30 years after she attended there.

From Hillsboro KS, we made our way a few miles southwest to Goessel KS where we visited with the Wagner family (Doug, Gretchen, Leighton, and Lana). Doug grilled HUGE Kansas steaks and we enjoyed dinner and dessert with them.

After leaving the Wagner's we drove about one hour south to Peck KS where we spent the night at the home of Victoria's Aunt Elvira.

At the end of day two of our road trip it was so good to have a hot shower and climb into bed after a long day of travel and visiting.

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