Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Yes, He Made It!

Victoria and I recently traveled to Quantico Virginia to participate in Darren’s United States Marine Corps (USMC) Officer Candidate School (OCS) Graduation and Commissioning Ceremony.

On Monday we attended Family Day activities and were able to spend most of the day with Darren.

Tuesday morning was the OCS Graduation.  

Some of Darren’s friends from the Dayton area also attended.

Tuesday afternoon was the Commissioning Ceremony at the National Museum of the Marine Corps.

At the end of the ceremony we had the privilege of pinning his Second Lieutenant bars on him.  

After the Commissioning Ceremony we headed for home and left Second Lieutenant Darren Strickland to check into The Basic School (TBS) Tuesday afternoon.

Darren plans to be home for Thanksgiving and then return to Quantico for The Basic School (TBS) which starts Monday, December 1st.


Anonymous said...

I KNEW he would make it! Sure looks "squared away" in that uniform!!

Unknown said...

Barak, you and Victoria must be so incredibly proud of Darren! He has achieved something that so few are willing or even able to do. He part of a new Brotherhood now... an elite family who will ALWAYS and FOREVER have his back!

Please tell him thank you and give him a salute from this old Sergeant.

I pray that his career in the Marine Corps will be blessed and that Gods hand will always be on him to guide and protect him.

Barak Strickland said...

Frank, we are incredibly proud of Darren and what he has accomplished. The statistics for his class were about 150 graduated out of 260 that started. Thank you for your service along with your support of our family along the way. God bless you and happy Thanksgiving.