Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day Ten - Bismarck ND to Coon Rapids MN

Wednesday began as a leisurely morning with lots of coffee for Victoria, a hearty breakfast for both of us, and 30+ minutes on the treadmill for Barak. Once we got going we hopped back on I-94 East out of Bismarck.

We traversed more and more and more miles of expansive North Dakota farm land.

Apparently, it’s not just in Texas that everything is “big”. Salem Sue, for example, is a GIANT cow that stands on a hill near the town of New Salem. I was unable to grab the camera in time; the drive-by photo-shoot at 75 miles/hour was unsuccessful. Alerted by a local of the existence of an even more gigantic buffalo, we stopped in Jamestown to see it. He wasn’t kidding! Meet Dakota Thunder.

After a few short hours we drove into Minnesota, the second time on this 12-day adventure.

Not only is it the State of 10,000 lakes, but it also “embraces” three large watersheds. We were enlightened about this fact by another one of those handy rest-area road signs.

Coon Rapids near Minneapolis offered us a nice place to walk, sit in the hot tub, and stay for the night.

Tomorrow we’re off to the Chicago area.

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