Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day Six - Missoula MT

Saturday began by dropping Victoria off for class at The University of Montana around 7:30 am. She had a full day of lectures and group work from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.

My mission for the day was to make it into Idaho and knock that state off my list of states visited.

I left Missoula mid-morning and followed Highway 12, which is essentially the historical Lolo Trail, through Lolo Pass into Idaho.

Mission accomplished!

There is a very convenient Visitor Center on the Idaho side of the Montana / Idaho state line. And yes, there is still snow at that elevation.

My whole round trip from Missoula into Idaho and back to Missoula only took a couple of hours so I was back at the hotel for lunch. I spent a leisurely Saturday afternoon watching a movie and doing some trip planning for our return to Ohio.

After picking Victoria up, and having a light dinner, we accomplished the mundane task of getting our laundry done.

Victoria said one of her favorite memories of the day was the smell of all the Lilac and Jasmine bushes blooming.

We're now halfway through our trip and will be generally eastbound for the remainder of it.

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