Monday, May 13, 2013

Day Seven - Missoula MT to Bozeman MT

Once again I dropped Victoria off in the morning for six more hours of lectures.

It was then my job to pack up our stuff and check out of the hotel by 1:00 pm.

While I was temporarily homeless I stopped by a park area near downtown Missoula and shot the following short video clip.

On my way to pick up Victoria at 3:00 pm I found a surprise Mother's Day deal for her. After picking her up I took her for a free hot fudge sundae from DQ. Yum! Of course I paid for one for Dad too :-)

After polishing off our hot fudge sundaes we headed east on I-90 for the first leg of our journey back home. We're not sure we would like it here in the winter, but Montana in the spring…we're a bit sad to leave it.

Next is our Yellowstone adventure...

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