Saturday, March 2, 2013

How to Create a More Successful Family Environment

"We inevitably doom our children to frustration and failure when we try to set their goals for them."

There is probably no harder task in the world than to raise a child well from birth to adulthood. Some important principles to teach along the way include:

national museum of american history / / CC BY-NC-SA

- value people, especially family members, for who they are.

- give encouragement to others; it helps them develop the courage needed to persist.

- don't be afraid to make mistakes. Does anyone learn anything without making mistakes? Not really, making mistakes is just part of the learning process.

Each of us need to develop a core set of principles and measure each of our decisions against those principles.

The only real way to teach values is to live them. Our children need to learn what we have learned and especially what has helped us along the way.

Our children should NOT do things just because we say NOT to do them, they should decide for themselves based on their values.

Life is not about you, it's about you helping others. Now go and help others learn these important principles, especially those in your own family.


Post inspired by the Ultimate Success Program (affiliate link)


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