Saturday, March 9, 2013

Here's How to Have a Happy Life

"When all is said and done, success without happiness is the worst kind of failure."

Humanity is almost unanimous in their conclusion that one of the highest goals of life is to be happy.

Your happiness depends more on what you are as a person than any external factor(s). Be careful when you are tempted to leave a place, job, situation, loved one, or anything you believe is causing you unhappiness.

We've spent a lot of time studying the topic of success on this blog. Ultimately, success does not create happiness, but it is a part of happiness.

Here are some pieces of a happy life:

- a sense of being. To be able to wake up, enjoy the beauty of the world, satisfy your appetite, and to interact with others.

- a sense of belonging. To work with others to attain something, to be a part of a family and community.

- a sense of meaning. To build something, to have a role, to have connections and comradery.

- a sense of growing. Learning, compassion, forgiveness and love. Always be looking for ways to be growing in the different areas of life.

- a sense of giving. Whether it is money, time, talent, or ourselves, it is more blessed to give than to receive. Be a giver instead of a taker, and notice how quickly more and more blessings are added to your life.

ernohannink / / CC BY

Here's a worthy saying for your consideration: life is not about you, it’s about you helping others.

It's never too late to live happily ever after. Start today.


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