Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to Guard Against a Trap of Success

"When you get caught up in the heady pursuit of success you run the risk of losing far more than gain unless you are careful."


You and I must learn how to live a truly successful life. It is much more important to love others than to gain material possessions.

Creating your own success can bring financial rewards, and with those financial rewards come more choices and responsibilities.

As we attract more money by providing more and better service to others, we sometimes fall into a trap of acquiring possessions to give us proof of status, give us the feeling of public approval, and to build our own self-esteem.

There is nothing inherently wrong with acquiring possessions, it is perfectly fine to enjoy the fruits of your labor as long as those fruits are truly enjoyed rather than becoming a burden.

Guard against believing that you must have, and display, material possessions to be considered a success. Problems arise when we spend our time and money to acquire possessions that give us the outward illusion of wealth. This type of materialistic thinking can easily leave you without the true riches of having people share in your life.

It seems like we have less trouble making money than demonstrating our love for other people but we must realize that not everything can be bought and there is no substitute for relationships.

In summary, remember, love people, use things (which includes money).


Post inspired by the Ultimate Success Program (affiliate link)


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