Saturday, January 26, 2013

How to Change Impossible to Possible

"Six simple questions that will always keep you from getting into any situation that may be over your head."

morberg / / CC BY-NC

Do you remember the last time you were presented an opportunity? What was your first thought? Did you think it was possible for you or impossible?

As you aspire to succeed in any endeavor, you must constantly evaluate what can and cannot be done under the circumstances you find yourself and the resources you have available.

Here are six questions to help you evaluate any opportunity you are considering:

- what am I really trying to accomplish?

- why do I think what I want is possible?

- is there anything that makes me think it is impossible?

- what do I stand to gain or lose by going forward with this opportunity?

- will my health have an influence on, or be affected by, the outcome?

- would my time, money and energy be better utilized elsewhere?

Your life’s journey will not always take you where you think it will. The road you travel, and the destinations you reach are determined by the choices you make. You must learn to accept this reality and always be ready and willing to adapt to situations that arise.

You may not achieve as much success as you could because of doing too little. On the other hand, you may not achieve success because you are trying to do too much. Always keep in mind the above questions when evaluating your course.

Try changing "Im-possible" to "I'm possible" by moving the hyphen (-) and placing it vertically between the I and the M. Do you see it? Do you believe it?


Post inspired by the Ultimate Success Program (affiliate link)


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