Saturday, January 19, 2013

Can We Count On You?

"More than 100,000,000 people, around the world, have been motivated and influenced by this message since the turn of the century."

Have you read the fascinating short story "A Message to Garcia"? If not, I suggest you read it HERE. This short story has taught millions of people some very important values.

Eva the Weaver / / CC BY-NC-SA

Unlike Rowan in the story, the average modern man is unable or unwilling to concentrate on one thing and complete it. How sad!

In our world there is a constant "weeding-out" process going on. No matter if times are good or bad, both employers and customers continually perform a sorting process. The incompetent employees and unworthy retail establishments go by the way side. In our world it is "the survival of the fittest."

Those people who can recognize the goal, and take individual action toward achieving it, are the most valuable assets to families, businesses, customers, and organizations.

Your marketplace, whether it be an employer or customer, is looking for someone who is resourceful, responsible, and reliable. If you have not already, make the decision that you will be a person who can carry a message to Garcia.

Can we count on you?


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