Saturday, December 8, 2012

Is Being Competitive Really Good For You?

"If you have always believed that being a highly competitive person is a habit necessary for success, you are in for quite a surprise."

I must admit right up front that this lesson on being competitive versus being unique has been difficult for me to comprehend and implement in my own life. See what you think...

Being competitive places your life in the hands of others while personal initiative gives you the freedom to choose your own destiny. Being part of a herd, trying to keep up with the Joneses, being involved in one-upmanship are all ways we erode our personal initiative and allow others to set the goals and the pace for us.

Competition can be so insidious because over time it reduces personal initiative and personal responsibility.

Personal initiative is so important because it allows you to study, understand and solve problems.

Personal responsibility provides you the freedom to choose and create your own destiny, it gives you the opportunity to create your own life results.

The traits of personal initiative and responsibility accomplish what competition can never do, the ability to be unique.

Goldmund100 / Foter / CC BY-SA

Yes, you are unique...don't you dare compare yourself to others. Compete only against yourself, strive to do better than you have previously done.

Being unique really is your best competitive advantage. Do you agree or disagree?


Post inspired by the Ultimate Success Program and Og Mandino's University of Success.


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