Saturday, April 21, 2012

Feed your Will to Win

"There are seeds of self-destruction in all of us that will bear only unhappiness if allowed to grow." 

Is the Will to Fail or Will to Win more prevalent in your life?

Here are some suggestions to minimize the Will to Fail and maximize the Will to Win:

Stop being "busy" and start being "productive" instead. Are you doing things just to avoid doing more important things? Constantly be aware of the best use of your time and work hard at focusing on the most important things to be done. Seek to understand why you have unproductive habits and slowly replace them with more productive ones.

Don't get caught up in making a living instead of creating a life. One way to do this is to move away from a direct relationship of trading hours for a set wage. Seek to create income producing entities that function without your direct time and attention.

Protect your prime energy for those things that are a priority for you. Know when your most productive hours of the day are and schedule the most important things to be done during those hours.

Try breaking each large and overwhelming task into a group of three smaller tasks and then those three tasks into three more, etc. It's easier to accomplish one small step than take the whole flight of stairs at once.

If you want to get more stuff done, set shorter deadlines, since work typically expands to the time allowed.

Yes, there is a Will to Fail in each of us, but we don't have to let it dominate our lives; we can put things into place that supports our Will to Win.


Post inspired by the Ultimate Success Program and Og Mandino's University of Success.

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