Saturday, April 14, 2012

Don't Worry, Be Happy, Here's How

"Feeling sorry for yourself is not only a waste of energy but the worst habit you could possibly have"

Why do we worry, feel bad for ourselves and experience unhappiness?

One of the big reasons is because we're focused on ourselves and not on helping others.

The challenge for today is to maintain an attitude of gratitude and realize life is NOT a zero-sum game.

Regarding worry, do you know the majority of the things you worry about will never happen OR have already happened? A survey regarding worry revealed these facts:

40% of things people worry about never happen;
30% of what we worry about has already happened;
22% of what people worry about are issues which are beyond their control; and only
8% of what we worry about are things over which we have any influence.

One of the magnificent things about being human is having the power to control your own thoughts. Put this power to work and decide not to worry but to focus on being helpful instead.

"People are just about as happy as they decide to be" ~ Abraham Lincoln

When you do happen to slip into worrying, try to think about the worst thing that can happen...can you live with that? If so, move on. If not, you had better do something about what you are worrying about!

Each morning make a habit of being thankful and writing down a few things you are grateful for.

Focus on helping others, being grateful, and see how much worry and unhappiness evaporate from your life.

Post inspired by the Ultimate Success Program (affiliate link)

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