Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Yes, He Made It!

Victoria and I recently traveled to Quantico Virginia to participate in Darren’s United States Marine Corps (USMC) Officer Candidate School (OCS) Graduation and Commissioning Ceremony.

On Monday we attended Family Day activities and were able to spend most of the day with Darren.

Tuesday morning was the OCS Graduation.  

Some of Darren’s friends from the Dayton area also attended.

Tuesday afternoon was the Commissioning Ceremony at the National Museum of the Marine Corps.

At the end of the ceremony we had the privilege of pinning his Second Lieutenant bars on him.  

After the Commissioning Ceremony we headed for home and left Second Lieutenant Darren Strickland to check into The Basic School (TBS) Tuesday afternoon.

Darren plans to be home for Thanksgiving and then return to Quantico for The Basic School (TBS) which starts Monday, December 1st.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Do you know your Secret Name?

One of the unexpected highlights from attending the recent Igniting Souls Conference was being given my Secret Name.  What is a Secret Name?  Have I joined a cult?  No, Your Secret Name is the name granted to you by the One who made you.  In his book Your Secret Name: Discovering Who God Created You to Be author Kary Oberbrunner calls us to stop accepting the world’s labels and start wrestling with God to discover our true identity.

During the Friday evening session Kary Oberbrunner and David Branderhorst led us through an exercise where we listed our given names.  Our given names are the names we inherit while living life in this world.  Some of mine are Son, Barak, Child of God, Babe (just to Victoria), Provider, and Not Enough.  It’s the last one that stood out to me as we went through the exercise of reviewing our given names and choosing the ones that have held us back in life.

One of the most important points of the session was that you and I can never outperform our own self-image.  Did you get that?  Our self-image limits our performance!

Another important point from the session was that you and I won’t find Eden (the place where we can live in a state of happiness) by what we DO or who we KNOW.  Don’t we often tend to try to find our worth by what we DO or who we KNOW?

As Kary and David related the story of Jacob wrestling with God (see Genesis 32:22-31) the practical application really hit home for me.  You see, we make a choice in every situation, every day, whether we are going to choose our way -or- God’s way.

At the end of the session as I sat and listened to live worship music and waited on the small still voice of God I heard Him whisper my Secret Name…Redeemed.

Would you like to learn your Secret Name?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Congratulations Kayla!

Congratulations to my favorite daughter, Kayla Strickland, who has been offered a full time position with Addgene in Cambridge (Boston) MA.  Her next challenge is to find a place to live in the 7th most expensive city in the US!

UPDATE: Kayla has secured an apartment in Dorchester MA. She begins her new job Oct 14th.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Congratulations Darren!

A huge congrats to my favorite son, Darren Strickland, who has been selected to attend the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Officer Candidates School (OCS) in Quantico VA!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Minister and IRS Joke

From 48 Days...

When the minister picked up the phone, Special Agent Adams from the IRS was on the line.
"Hello, is this the minister?"

"Yes, this is."

"I'm calling to inquire about a member of your congregation, a Dr. Shipe. Do you recognize the name?"

"Yes, he is a member of our congregation. How can I be of service?"

"Well, on last year's tax return, the doctor claimed that he made a sizable deductible contribution to your church.  Is this true?"

"Well, I'll have to have our bookkeeper verify this information for you. How much did Dr. Shipe say he contributed?"

"Twenty five thousand dollars," answered Agent Adams. "Can you tell me if that amount is true?"

There is a long pause.  "I'll tell you what," replied the minister..."Call back tomorrow. I'm sure it will be."

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late by Bill Myers

I recently read a post on a discussion forum written by a man who had spent years planning to take time off from work to tour the U.S. with his family in a motorhome.

But even with all his planning, his job somehow always got in the way, and he never was able to schedule the time to take the trip.

Recently, he became incapacitated, and will never be able to travel.

He wrote that one of the biggest regrets in his life was he waited way too long to follow his dream.  

He spent too much time working, and not enough time living.

His advice to his own son and to others who read his post was this . . .

"Pursue your adventures now.  Don't wait until the timing is perfect - because it never will be."

I agree with his advice.

Life is short, and in the end your biggest regrets will be the things you didn't do.

Look at your own life.  What things will you regret not having done or at least not having tried?

Maybe now is the time to make a list and start following through on those dreams and plans.

If not now, when?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013!

Greetings, here are some of the blessings and lessons the Lord had for us in 2013:

* Barak reached the half-century mark - a celebration of life and bucket lists with family and friends.

* Victoria survived her first full year of post-professional graduate work - encouragement from family and friends.

* We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary - steady and faithful love.

* Darren (22) is gainfully employed and on his own, awaiting a call from the US Marine Corps to enter Officer Candidate School - patience and more patience.

* Kayla (20) is in her senior year at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, working hard to finish her double major in International Studies and in Latin American Studies - perseverance.

We look forward to 2014 knowing that whatever it will bring will come from the nail-pierced hands of Immanuel, God with us.