Saturday, February 23, 2013

How to Claim Excellence

"You, scanning these words, are living proof that one need not stop learning, or growing, after some predetermined youthful age."

What does excellence mean to you?

Words like exceptionally good, continuous improvement, and possessing high qualities come to my mind.

On a personal level excellence is made up of individual fulfillment, high self-worth, and the belief that each individual has the opportunity and responsibility to be the best they can be.

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How about the word responsibility?

Do you believe the government is responsible to solve your problems? Or do you take personal responsibility and solve them yourself?

Thomas Jefferson believed that the role of government is to protect and serve the people.

Who is best suited to ponder and solve one's problems? I believe a free, moral, thinking, and responsible person is.

We are always in need of more free, moral, thinking, and responsible individuals to lead the way and encourage others.

What good is our freedom without moral commitment?

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We need to ensure a sense of individuality co-exists with a sense of shared purpose.

You and I must look for ways to encourage the development of individual freedom and personal responsibility. This is the opposite of depending upon government to provide solutions.

Strive to improve the lives of others by first claiming excellence and responsibility in your own life.


Post inspired by the Ultimate Success Program (affiliate link)


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