Saturday, January 5, 2008

Another New Year!

Like most of you, this week started a brand-new year in my journey through life. Welcome to 2008!

My time in Scripture this week has been focused on starting the books of Genesis, Matthew, Psalm, and Proverbs in my One-Year Bible. Key thoughts this week include:
  • I am created in God’s image
  • 6 days a week are for working and the remaining day is for rest
  • I am to delight and meditate on God’s law
  • Am I currently listening to God or Satan?
  • God made garments for Adam and Eve even though they disobeyed Him which illustrates His love
  • God drove Adam and Eve from the garden which demonstrates His justice
  • Fools despise wisdom and discipline
  • Noah waited on God’s instruction before leaving the ark (Genesis 8)
  • Jesus was popular because he healed people who were ill (Matthew 4)
  • God noticed that when people spoke the same language and started working together they would be able to accomplish whatever they desired (Genesis 11)
  • Those who practice and teach God’s commands are called great in the Kingdom (Matthew 5)
  • In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation (Psalm 5:3)

Brunch (breakfast/lunch) and Lupper (lunch/supper) were enjoyed with the family the first half of the week since Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were vacation days. Saturday morning was set aside for a brief date (brunch!) with my wife while my son was in physics class.

The trusty Franklin Covey notebook / calendar got cleaned out and refilled. New month at a glance pages for 2008 were completed along with updated daily pages, and personal goals. “Big rocks” for me this year include maintaining an eternal perspective, selling the house or finishing the basement, a renewed focus on relationships, keeping better notes on the Scripture and books I read, continuing to exercise to maintain weight, and taking a couple of family trips this year.

A Very Important People (VIP) list was started for the first time this year. These are people I will interact with throughout the year that make an impact on my life. This tool will help me implement the thought that “the only differences in my life a year from now will be from what I read and the people I interact with.”

Consider the following as we begin another year: 1) What are you committed to reading / learning? 2) Are you spending enough time with your family and other VIPs? 3) Have you organized your calendar and priorities for the New Year ahead?


Jeni said...

Welcome to blogging!! I saw you started a blog through facebook. Jeremy makes fun of me for reading so many blogs, but I gain a lot of insight from several of them and it is my glimpse into the outside world of being a Mom. I hope you are all doing well.


Barak Strickland said...

Jeni, thanks for your comment. Hope to see you guys soon.